Rose production with high quality demands.

In our greenhouses the roses are grown under ideal circumstances. The roses are harvested twice per day, even thrice per day in summer, to be able to offer uniform batches of roses 365 days per year. To prevent damage, every rose is cut individually and carefully placed in the harvesting cart. After the harvest the roses are directly placed into fresh water to ensure a long shelf life.

Advanced packaging line.


We have the most modern sorting machine which offers the possibility of testing the entire rose for bud height, bud size, and stem thickness. This allows us to maintain very strict quality standards, which leads to uniform bunches of roses of excellent quality. Thanks to our advanced and extensive packaging line, we are able to deliver especially tailored packaging to our customers. Personally printed packing covers, stickers, and luxurious protective collars are but a few of an extensive range of options we offer. Quality and flexibility are the pillars on which our business is built. We can be reached any time for deliveries of orders of any size.