Growing locations

Rose growing at multiple modern greenhouse complexes.

SK Roses has two modern growing locations for growing roses under glass. At these businesses the latest techniques for climate control, lighting, and organic pest control are applied. 100% recirculation of rainwater prevents the wast of drinking water. SK Roses strives for sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. Both our growing locations hold various certificates.

Den Hoorn, Westland, South Holland

This location was optimized in 2015 to continue to be able to offer roses of the highest quality. The roof of the greenhouse has been raised to six meters, a brand new growing system, and of course the new crop will ensure that our Avalanche+ remains unique. The white roses from our locations have already won multiple national and international prizes in the past.

De Lier, Westland, South Holland

Our location in De Lier produces a wide range of Avalanche+ roses of very high quality.