Rose nursery SK Roses holds the MPS-GAP certificate. The MPS-GAP certificate is based on and officially benchmarked with the well-known GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate of supermarket organizations in Europe. The entire production process is safe, sustainable, and traceable. We keep track of the amount of pesticides used every day, when machines have last had maintainance, and the way we deal with cultivation. This allows us to work in an organized way, after all, everything we do in the company is centered on quality, safety, and sustainability.


MPS-ABC is the certificate that indicates a company’s environmental score. By registering the consumption of water, energy, waste, fertilisers and crop protection products, it measures how sustainably a company produces. Points can be earned per theme. Based on the total number of points a company receives the MPS qualification: A+, A, B or C, where A+ is the highest achievable. These requirements are tightened up every year. This is an incentive for production companies to make business formation more and more sustainable.