SK Roses

SK Roses grows high quality cut-roses at multiple nurseries in Westland.

Our rose nursery strives for the very highest quality Avalanche+ in the Netherlands. We are a recognized family business with three generations of experience in greenhouse horticulture. Marc, Bas, and Tom Koene are the leading forces behind the rose nursery founded by Sjaak Koene. Shelly Koene is the face behind the SK Roses branding.

SK Roses stands for sustainable entrepreneurship

During each phase of the production process, strict controls guarantee the quality and continuity of the product. We are socially responsible entrepreneurs and aim to contribute to conserving the environment in the following ways:

  • Integrated insect- and disease control is applied. That means that whenever possible we cultivate organically. Combatting diseases and insects by chemical means is kept to the bare minimum. Instead, we use natural predators to drive out plagues.
  • We recycle water in different ways. We capture rainwater that falls on our greenhouses and store it in large silos. Furthermore, water we use to feed the roses is afterwards cleared of all bacteria and used again. Our watering system lets water circulate in all possible ways and is therefore a closed system.
  • SK Roses generates its own electricity by using a combined heat and power system. This CHP-installation converts natural gas into heat and electricity. The heat is used to maintain the temperature of the greenhouse, while the electricity is used to power supplementary lighting.
  • Light pollution is reduced by using a closed screen canvas installation.
  • Trash is separated in an environmentally conscious way.

Modern and Flexible family business

Innovation and quality are the two most important pillars of our enterprise.