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Honey Avalanche+ by SK Roses

Deep pink in colour and elegant: these are the main features of the Honey Avalanche+ rose. Its large, full flower head with petals that are an even deeper shade of pink underneath opens up completely in the vase. Honey Avalanche+ has an exquisite colour for spring and summer bouquets, but is equally stunning in more colourful bridal bouquets and floral arrangements.

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Lovely Avalanche+ by SK Roses

Lovely Avalanche+ can be identified by its warm, apricot-coloured heart, which gradually fades into the champagne hues of the surrounding petals. The outermost petals show a hint of green, giving the rose a sophisticated, fresh allure. ‘Lovely Avalanche+ for Lovely Moments’: This rose is a perfect match for weddings and other special events thanks to its soft pastel hues.

Honey Avalanche+

SK Roses Honey Avalanche+ L80

Length: 80 cm
Crate: 898
Quantity: 40 stems per crate

SK Roses Honey Avalanche+ L70

Length: 70 cm
Crate: 897
Quantity: 40 stems per crate

SK Roses Honey Avalanche+ L60

Length: 60 cm
Crate: 896
Quantity: 40 stems per crate

SK Roses Honey Avalanche+ L55

SK Roses Honey Avalanche+ L50

Length: 50 cm
Crate: 577
Quantity: 50 stems per crate

Lovely Avalanche

Lovely Avalanche+ L90

Lovely Avalanche+ L80

Lovely Avalanche+ L70

Lovely Avalanche+ L60

Lovely Avalanche+ L55

Lovely Avalanche+ L50

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