Wesley & Yolanthe choose SK Roses for their wedding

For Wesley and Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau’s wedding, SK Roses supplied 10,000 white Avalanche roses for decorations and the bridal bouquet.

SK Roses specializes in growing white Avalanche+ roses with tall bud heights of about 5 or 6 cm (2-2.5”). This was an important requirement for the wedding couple. SK Roses’ working method is designed to deliver the white roses undamaged in the bunches of roses. After a trial order there proved to be no damage, spots, or other defects in the roses. The high quality of the roses was a crucial factor in the couple’s decision to choose Avalanche+ roses from SK Roses for this spectacular wedding. A large part of the batch was used to decorate the church for the ceremony. The flowers for the bride’s bouquet were marked in the greenhouse to guarantee optimal flowering. The strict selection- and quality control process are part of our daily routine of rose-growing. Because of this there were no extra procedures necessary for this very special delivery. The roses were transported to Italy by flower exporter P. van Dam & Zn. BV. Marc Koene of SK Roses is very proud of this delivery and appreciates the wedding couple’s eye for quality.

View pictures of the wedding.

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