The Perfect Rose

Rose grower Marc Koene is a member of the rose committee at trade association for greenhouse-growers LTO Glaskracht Netherlands. The rose committee is focused on challenges facing rose growers in the Netherlands. Energy, plant health, and water are the most important areas of research for this committee. New techniques and (biological) pest control measures also get a lot of attention. Furthermore, new rose-growing methods to preserve energy and minimize plant diseases are researched. With an eye on the future, lowering emissions and ensuring that surface water is clean are important objectives for rose growing.

SK Roses contributes to research into targeted use of lighting and combatting mildew. For controlling thrips on roses, research is being done to develop more resistant rose crops, using natural predators, and catching adult thrips. Biological control of mealy bugs and scale insects is another important area of research due to a possible total ban on the use of neonicotinoids for pest control.

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