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January 30 2015
A family business through and through! Father, mother, three brothers, sister, and guard dog can all be found in and around rose nursery SK Roses. The company, for which quality comes first, was founded by the father, Sjaak Koene. Hence the name: SK Roses! We paid a visit to the Avalanche+ nursery in De Lier, where Marc told us the story behind SK Roses.

Son Marc tells us that the entire family is active in the modern nursery. For example, look at the icon of SK Roses: That is sister Shelly! She appears on all the marketing materials of the SK Roses brand, such as the truck, banners and the foil of the rose covers. Marc jokes that they are a jack of all trades, but everything revolves around one thing: exquisite quality! SK Roses strives for uniformity, high levels of service, and innovation.

Winterly quality

In order to deliver quality all year through we use a lot of lighting, Marc says. This allows us to deliver quality even in Winter. “We harvest two times a day and three times a day in summer to keep the ripeness uniform in between harvests.” This method makes for a high ornamental value and long shelf life. “The product is fresh daily, without storage in a refrigerator for a few days. What’s plucked today is available tomorrow.” Marc indicates that they apply strict sorting methods, in which the customer’s preference is most important. “Service comes first!”

Growing elements

“The three ‘growing elements’ water, light, and CO2 are appointed to accommodate an optimal production process.” This has been organized in a sustainable way. Marc tells us SK Roses uses a combined heat and power system: “We generate our own electricity, and we reuse the heat that is released by this.” Furthermore, CO2 is supplied by OCAP. This CO2 is essentially a waste product from the Industries in Rotterdam. This CO2 is tremendously important for SK Roses, because it is super clean and high quality CO2. “CO2 gives a ‘quality boost’ and ensures larger buds and thicker stems.”


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