Avalanche+ rose

Rosa 'Lexani' Avalanche is the most beautiful white rose.

A noble white rose with a large, winter-white flower bud with a hint of green. A white rose with great ornamental value and long durability. The Avalanche+ rose belongs to the premium roses and gives very beautiful flowers with a high and wide bud. The roses have long, sturdy stems and few thorns. The Avalanche+ has a long vase time of up to 14 days. Avalanche+ is the queen of roses and that is the only quality that we want to deliver. See our product range for the available Avalanche+ roses.

The white rose signifies both finiteness and a new beginning.

The snow white flower of the Avalanche+ with a hint of green symbolizes innocence, unity, and purity. The meaning of white roses varies with each situation and person. White roses often symbolize true love, which makes it a very popular flower for weddings.